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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Life Update

I regret that there have been so many things that I could have written about, to look back on and read in the future and I didn't. All of the years that have gone by and all of the things my kids have said and done, I posted it on Facebook instead. At least I managed to update their baby blog books. I have Lexi's completed and printed, I decided to stop at Kindergarten and print the book. Sadly I haven't been updating Luke's book as much or as often. I tend to write many posts all at once and I am sure I've left things out after the fact. I created a printed photo story book for 2012 which I am happy about and I hope to continue doing moving forward. I may even go back and try to do 2011 and prior, but that could get expensive.

I haven't written since 2008 so I feel the need to do some sort of timeline, catch up I guess with where I've been, which could be difficult to remember at this point.

The highlights:

2009: Lukas turned 1 and also took his first steps. Lexi turned 3 started going to preschool.

2010: Lexi started Pre-K in public school and celebrated her 4th birthday. Lukas turned 2. We thought we were going to sell  our house and move to a bigger house, it was an awesome house with tons of bedrooms and lots of character however, things happen and it didn't work out, which I truly believe is for the best. Steve met his two older half-sisters. Oldest step daughter moved in with us, Oldest step daughter moved out.

2011: We took a vacation to Myrtle Beach. Lexi started going to Kindergarten, turned 5 and started sleeping in her own bed, a bitter sweet moment that I look back on now and miss her nightly visits. This was a big year for Lexi with a lot of growth and maturity happening. Lukas turned 3. Oldest step daughter moved in with us.

2012: This year sticks out in my mind as a really good year, of course it was the most recent year and eaisest to remember, though our ups and downs, all turned out well. Lukas celebrated his fourth birthday, and began Pre-K, he had a much easier time than Lexi had and has been enjoying school. Lexi started first grade and turned 6. Middle step daughter moved in with us, oldest step daughter moved out, sorta. I left my job that I had been at since 2007 and started a new job.

There, four years in a nutshell. My life is pretty tame and uninteresting for the most part, but it's mine, I'm as happy as I can be, of course there is always room for improvement.