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Monday, March 5, 2012

Back to blogging

I just found my old blog and read nearly every post. I remember how much I really enjoyed blogging, I never felt like work or a task it was just something to do, a great way to pass time an say the things that you just don't really say out loud.

Well I'm sort of all grown up now that I am 30, so I am sure that this blog will take on a different kind of life, or tone I guess you could say. Now that I am a grown up I think I know that you should never post anything that you wouldn't say in public.

One of the reasons I have been entertaining the idea of blogging (does anyone really blog anymore?I don't care I guess) is because I have decided carry a child for another couple. I am going to be a gestational surrogate. Shocking to some, I know. Why am I doing this?

Well there are a few reasons. I love being pregnant, I do, or at least I did the prior two pregnancies I had and I really want to help a couple that cannot have a child of their own any other way. Given that I myself was adopted, I think a lot of people tend to wonder why someone doesn't just adopt. I think that is something I would have said myself prior to having my own children. Because I was lucky enough to have my own children I completely understand why someone would want their own child. Adoption is wonderful and so is surrogacy. I always wanted to adopt a child as a way to pay it forward, as a matter of thanks that I was adopted, but that is just not in the cards for us, at least right now. So instead I will grow a baby for someone else.

I've decided to help a wonderful couple who happen to not have uterus's of their own. I am working with an agency and we're now officially matched. We talked on the phone last week and I thought they were great, we really connected and agreed on the important issues. This past weekend we met in person and I just wanted to put them in my pocket and keep them. I am looking forward to this journey and helping them create life and start their family. The next step is to go through the medical and physiological screening.

There are no guarantees in surrogacy, so I can only hope and do everything in my power to grown them a baby.


Summer said...

You are truly amazing. I am SOOOO proud of you! Since I've had my hysterectomy I've questioned multiple times what would happen if I decided to get remarried and/or wanted to have another little one in the future. You're doing an AMAZING thing, Julie. You're an inspiration and I'm so glad to know you!

Busy Mom said...

I so didn't even see this comment until just now!! Thank you!! :)
Stay tuned for updates. ;)