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Saturday, June 14, 2008

The tell-tale black bag

Since I've been back to work, I've found it interesting how many women I now notice that pump. You know who they are because when they head out to break they're carrying that tell-tale black bag.
They're made to look discreet, like a brief case, or laptop bag, but apparently we nursing moms know exactly what they are.
I figured this out as I came out of the locker room and my co-worker, whose baby was born in February, said:
"So, where do YOU do that."
Naturally I laughed, because I was sort of surprised that she knew where I was going and what I was going to do.
Now its something that we share, along with several other women. We discuss where are the best places in the building for some privacy. Who pumps when. What a pain in the ass it is and how much milk did you get today?
I'm glad I'm doing this. I know I didn't want to, and while it is a pain in the ass, something about it makes me feel good. I know, I'm doing the right thing. Not that formula is the wrong thing, cause I've done that too, but now I have a sense of accomplishment I guess.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Typical Toddler Behavior

Just exactly what is it, really?
Yesterday I checked on Lexi, she was watching Barney and being mischeviously quiet, that always warrants a peek. She was sitting on the couch biting her knee. Apparently self-biting is a typical toddler behavior. I don't know why but she kept doing it though out the day. She'd say bite, and then off and bite her knee, and leave teeth prints in her knee. Me, thinking she's hungry, I get her a snack. She doesn't eat.
Thats another oddity, she's pretty much quit eating. She used to be such a wonderful eater. She loved meat, and most of her veggies, and most definitely pasta. Now she takes one or two bites of every meal and shes done. She's skinny as it is, I'm afraid she'll forever be in size 12 month clothing. Not only does she refuse to eat, she refuses to sit in her booster chair. I've given up trying to put her in it and removed it from the table. She now sits in a regular chair, wait let me say that again. She moves freely throughout the kitchen during meals. No wonder she doesn't eat right?
Shes a mystery sometimes. Trying to decode her squeaks, and squeals and screams.