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Friday, May 30, 2008

Baking with Mom

So I'm not much of a baker, or a cook for that matter. I pretty much avoid it if possible.
Every now and then; however, I decide I need something to snack on and bake myself some cupcakes.
Nothing that requires any work or brain power either. The kind that is "just add water".
I thought it would be fun for Lexi to join in on the fun. She had a ball stirring the batter and then licking the spoon, and finally she even enjoyed helping me wash the dishes.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Family Circus

I'm sure most people are familiar with the comic The Family Circus. This weekend I felt like I was living a comic strip of my own. Five kids is a lot of work. Actually the one that is the most work is my 19 month old. Hell she must be advanced for her age, as I am pretty sure she is going though her terrible two's now. Please oh please don't let it get any worse than this.
We tried to go out to a restaurant on Saturday. We had two of the older kids, Lexi and Lukas. Lexi has been going though this phase where she will not eat. Not only will she not eat, but she refuses to sit in a high chair. Refuses to sit anywhere actually. She's become quite independent and the idea of being tied into a chair really pisses her off.
So when we got to the restaurant and tried to put her in the high chair, it was one big bitching match. We ended up having to leave the restaurant. It was really embarrassing and I felt bad for the older kids. We had to cut their good time short because of the screaming little devil.
It did get better though. We made it up to them. We left the devil with her Grandmother and took them out to breakfast.
After they went back to their moms we decided to take Lexi and Lukas to the animal farm. Trying to get out the door was like trying to swim upstream. It's a big process with two so young. First I needed to nurse Lukas. Ok he poops, need to change his diaper. Back to nursing, stop burp, spit up. Ok now I need to change his clothes. Ok he's good to go. Hang tight little dude. I get Lexi apply bug spray and sunscreen. Grab some pants. Put on socks and shoes. Need to pack the diaper bag. Grab a bottle for Lukas in case. Put snacks in for Lexi, throw in a coat in case it gets cold. I change my clothes myself and get ready to put the baby in his car seat.
Oh wait... there is poop all over the place. He shit again! Outfit change number 3!
Finally we made it out the door and to the animal farm. Much to my surprise the little devil was a little angel. She had a great time walking around and saying hi to all the animals. Ah success at last!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Always Cherish the Joys of Being a Parent

Hold close to your heart
the moments when tiny fingers
reach out to tightly grasp yours,
for soon they will search
for new directions in which to grasp.
Cherish the growth -
the first step, smile and word -
for soon they will
make way for new accomplishments.
Cherish with patience and love
each day with your children set before you,
because soon they become
memories to be tucked away.
Love with all yo ur heart
the blessed gift of your child
and appreciate each and every moment.

- Katherine J. Romboldi

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I was thinking last night that my tone in this blog may be a little negative. I don't mean to always complain, but better I complain in my blog than to people I know.
As it is Steve is always going on and on about how negative I am. I get so sick of hearing it. He never hears the positive because he pays to much attention to my negativity.
It's just my personality. I can not change who I am. I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve so I guess that is why people always see the bad. If there is something on my mind you're likely to know what it is. Although I am getting better at holding things at times.
No I'm not ALWAYS in a bad mood. Its just easier to complain about the bad than cheer about the good. I'm not sure why.
Life just gets to me sometimes, as I'm sure it does with everyone. It doesn't mean I'm not thankful and grateful for what I have by any means. For the most part I love my life.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gripe of the day

I can not see a damn thing. I just got new contacts. I spent about two months trying out several pairs of contacts. Each time I went back to be refitted I had to pay another $40.00 to the eye doctor. All of which I was convinced he was just out to get my money.
The first pair he put me in were horrible. I could feel them in my eyes and they weren't strong enough I couldn't see. So I go back and he tells me my eyes are dry and its probably due to pregnancy. He said in the third trimester women often get dry eyes. Ok... I believe him I guess he does have a medical degree. So he changes the prescription and gives me the same brand. They still stuck, and I still could not see! I went back to him and told him my original brand was good and I want those back but just in my newer stronger prescription. So he orders them I wait two weeks and they come in finally, the wrong prescription! It was right where I started. Anyway... I got it right. Well the right prescription that is. But I still can't see! My eyes are dry. He says breastfeeding can make your eyes dry. Oh great, yet another perk to the wonderful art of breastfeeding. I don't care I can not keep putting drops in my eyes every five minutes. I suppose I'll call him today, or maybe tomorrow and ask for yet another brand. That or I could wear my glasses, but with my blindness I'd rather not have a sheet of glass hanging from my face.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Re-opening my blog

I should have done this earlier in my time off but for some reason I didn't.
Most days I don't have much to say. Most days I'll just ramble, but I thought I'd come back to this blog. Who cares if I only post once and a while.
Sometimes I think of a bunch of shit that I want to ramble about for no apparent reason, and I've really got no appropriate venue for it, other than a blog.
I mean who cares really, about what I've got to complain about, or not complain about, or my randomness for the day. Blogging land cares, what else is there.

So tomorrow is my birthday and I really hate birthday's. I mean really really really hate them. Not just because I'm getting older. Well thats a big part of it. I'm going to be 27 tomorrow. Thats late twenties. I'm not 20 anymore! Time to be a big girl. I don't know why it bothers me. I mean its not like I haven't accomplished a lot.

I've managed to finish high school, or at least get a GED, then go on to get an Associates Degree. It's only an Associates but it's better than nothing right. I've gone though several jobs. They all had their ups and downs, some mostly downs, but now at least I feel like I am in the right place.

I married a wonderful man. The second time around that is, first time not so much. And now I have two beautiful children. So why I'm worried about my age I don't really know.

Another reason for my hatred of birthday's, is I miss my mother. I miss my mother so much and my birthdays is especially hard on me.
Then there is my birth mother. When I was a kid I'd think about her on my birthday and wonder if she'd remember that she gave birth to me that day. Was she thinking of me, did she miss me? Did she wonder what I was like. I'll never know because shes dead too. So being the pessimistic negative person that I am, I'm full of anger and hatred in regards to my birthday.
Thats it really.