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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My favorite holiday

Has always been Halloween. Today at work we decorated our office area. There are spiders hanging from the ceiling and cobwebs all over our desks. Looks kind of spooky. I'm really excited this year because we're going to take Lexi trick-or-treating. Not in the traditional neighborhood, but in the neighborhood at the nursing home I work for. It will be really nice because it will be inside, so no dealing with the weather and the dark. We'll visit the residents and that will make it more like home for them. Older people love kids, well most do anyway in my experience and they always ooh and ahh over babies. This will be Lexi's first Halloween experience. Luke's too but he won't be getting any candy. Lexi is going to be a witch. She will of course be the most beautiful witch you've ever seen. She actually let me put her costume on her the other day and she loved it. Keep your fingers crossed that she doesn't freak out when we get there on Friday.

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