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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Friday, April 27, 2007

Photo Friday: Before & After

This weeks theme is before & after. The only thing I can come up with is, before Life with Lexi...

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And Life with Lexi

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Monday, April 23, 2007

No time for the internet

The weather is much too nice to be sitting at the computer.
It's been well over six months since we've had nice weather in Maine, I can't help but spend all my time outside.
Lexi is thoroughly enjoying the weather as well. She gets some what panicked when a gust of warm wind blows across her face. She's never felt such a sensation but she is getting used to it. Saturday we went for a long walk and and she slept the entire time in her stroller, ah the life of napping outside. Yesterday Dad put a new screen door on the kitchen and we sat at on the patio for much of the day. Lexi's bouncer came out side so she could play too. She was also swinging on the swing set for the first time, which she loved very much. I pushed her and said weeee and she would laugh and laugh. I got to drive my car with the top down, and dad and I went on a very enjoyable motorcycle ride. It is odd being on a motorcycle not pregnant, I have so much more room now.

One sure sign of summer... my toenails are polished...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Internet Makes Mommy Mean

Message boards can bring out the worst in us.

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An article written by April Peveteaux address Online communities. Message boards can bring out the worst in us.

If you've ever belonged to an online community like IVillage, or babyzone, you know some of the women on these groups can be pretty harsh. I once belonged to an online expecting club which I liked very much, although every other week some new drama had appeared and group of women were arguing like school children. I'll admit, sometimes I would get involved, sometimes I wouldn't. It would depend on whether or not I had anything relevant to add. A lot of times I would defend someone whom I thought was right. Women would attack each other, and the attacks would become personal and even involve members of their family. Some women admittedly enjoy the drama. Apparently it brings excitement to their boring days, I am one of them, only I don't enjoy it when someone's feelings get hurt. It is one thing to disagree with someones opinion and have a heated debate it is another to get into a full out online brawl while insulting their loved ones.
I'm no longer part of the expecting club, I am however, part of a wonderful online community. We don't judge or criticize each other and when we have a problem with each other, we bring it up in a respectful adult manner. So my point, not all message boards are evil. I've meet some great friends online.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The thing about vacations

I once read an article somewhere that said people have more health issues, due to stress and burn out because they are not taking their vacations.
I'm sure you must know how much work it is to go on vacation. I mean seriously. I think that I would be less stressed if I were not taking the next two days off from work. I'm not even going anywhere. I can't imagine trying to throw in planning a trip and all that.
I've spent the past 3 days trying to get stuff done that is usually done in five days. I still can't get caught up. I am going to be worried about an ongoing issue that is happening at work the entire two days I am gone. Then once I come back I will be so swamped for another couple of days just trying to get caught up. Sometimes I wonder why I bother.

I am looking forward to spring because...

I'm supposed to answer this question for this weeks carnival at CHBM.
Once you view these pictures you will know the answer.

Yes, that's right it is snow. Snow in April, in Maine. How lovely. Not so much. We're also supposed to get another storm tomorrow night. Not fun, not fun at all.

Also I would love to be able to drive my new hot little car with the top down sometime time in the near future.

Oh and I would love to dress my beautiful little daughter in her summer clothes.

There you have it! Those are my reasons that I am looking forward to spring.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Six Month Well Check

We had our six month well baby check today. I knew she was growing, she's made it to a whopping 16 pounds, 11 ounces. She is 26 inches tall, although probably more like 26 and a half because she would not for the life of her put her foot down. She was doing her baby situps like she does. Looking forward like she is reaching for her toes or something.
The doctor was quite impressed that she is sitting on her own so well, and says that she is super healthy. That gives me validation as a mother, validation that I just may be doing a good job keeping the kid not only alive, but healthy. She's only had one minor cold for her entire short life so far. When I decided not to breastfeed, I had lots of mothers and non mothers or hooligans telling me that this will be wrong with her and that will be wrong with her. She wont get my immunities and antibodies and she'll be sick all the time. So what do I say to that, HA. Pfft! Once again, nothing against breastfeeding, just not for me this time around.
So anyway, my little munchkin is growing strong and healthy. She'll start stage 2 foods now, and we may even give her some yogurt. Doctor said she'll likely be cutting a tooth soon, she said her gums have widened to make some room. Now she will not have to go until she is nine months old. She will appreciate that I am sure, since she'd prefer not to get the shots at all.

Monday, April 9, 2007

A half a year gone by

Dear Alexandra

What do I even say, where do I even begin with this month letter? You are a half of a year old. You are six months old today. A lot happens in six months, so much so that I don't even know what to say about your accomplishments and developments. Your personality has bloomed so much over the past six months. When you were born, as with many newborns, you slept a lot. You didn't make much noise, except during diaper changes and you were so peaceful looking. Yet to me, you didn't seem like a real person. Yes it's true, for the first month of your life it was like you were a little creature, like a puppy I had gotten or something. I don't mean for that to sound bad, don't take it that way. What I mean is, it's amazing how much you have changed. Over the months, you began smiling, and cooing, and even a little giggle here or there.
You make all sorts of noises. Grunts, moans, screeches. You say babababa now, and you're starting to go mmmmm, I'm just waiting for mmmmmaaaa, but not yet. I fully intend on teaching you baby sign language, but we'll see how that goes. One of the other moms in playgroup taught her daughter, whose name happens to be Lexi, baby sign language and I can't wait to try it. What an easier way to communicate. She tells her mama when she's all done, or wants more, or is hungry or sleepy.
I've organized a playgroup for you. Every couple of weeks I get together with other moms with babies your age. This is important for several reasons. The big thing is your socialization. Since you are not in a daycare, you don't see many people outside our immediate family. You're doing much better with not being afraid of people now. You coo at the other babies and smile at the moms.
You are sitting up quite well now. Most of the time you do not fall over unless you grab your feet then you slowly topple to the side.
You are sleeping quite successfully in your own room now. I miss you in our room, but we still cuddle in the morning, as I hope we will always do.
We're getting ready to start stage 2 foods. You've made it though all of the stage 1 jars with much success. I've tried to give you oatmeal again, but you still do not like it. In fact you don't like cereal of any kind unless it's mixed with a fruit or veggie. Oh well, I can't blame you there, I've tasted it, and it's not yummy. Still no teeth yet. You don't need teeth yet, but we've been waiting and waiting. It seems like you've been teething for months and months. You drool, and chew, and fuss, fuss fuss. Then you have a good day, but still no tooth.
I'm looking forward to summer with you. I do hope that you like to go in the water. I think you are going to be so much fun, and I think you'll really enjoy being outside.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Breaking News; Big girl sleeps in own room

It's official, as of 9:oo pm Eastern Standard Time, a big girl slept in her own room.
Great news right? Well mostly. Mommy had more of a hard time with it than Miss Lexi.
Before Lexi was born, I had every intention of her sleeping in her own crib, in her own room. Then once she arrived, I knew there was no parting with her. I felt like she needed me, and I needed her. I worry too much to have her in another room, out of my eyesight at just two days old. So we took the cradle that my dad gave to us and put it next to our bed. Most night Lexi would go to sleep with us in our bed. Sometime a few weeks into her life, I started putting her in her cradle after her night feeding. Once she started moving around more and more, I decided that the cradle was unsafe. Yet somehow I was not ready to put her in her crib in her room. So her crib came into our room. I love having her in there next to me, but I decided it was time.
She sleeps though the night, for the most part, and there was no longer a need to have her right next to my bed. She's becoming a big girl. Yesterday afternoon Dad cleaned out his guitars from her room, and dismantled her crib and put it back together in her room. As the hour drew closer and closer the more nervous I got. What kind of wacko was I? What is the big deal, the kid is just in the next room. I bathed her, fed her, swaddled her and carried her to her room. I put her in her crib and gave her the teddy bear, who I named Mimi for her, that had been collecting my smell, since I had it in our bed. I kissed her on the forehead and stood in her doorway for a minute before leaving the room.
When it was time for us to go to bed I was a little sad. I thought I would be happy. I thought It would be great for us to feel like a couple again. Hell we could even watch TV in bed if we wanted to. But all I wanted was my little baby. What a pansy I am. I felt like some mean mommy, making their baby sleep in her own room. I felt our room was so big, and there was this big void that needed to be filled. Dad offered for me to go sleep on the floor in the baby's room but I decided not to.
This morning, all is well. I was fine once I fell asleep. Lexi was fine. She didn't wake up several times crying for mommy, so I did sort of feel like she doesn't need me, shes a big girl and she can sleep by herself. But I know its just part of growing up.