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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hiccuping baby

Last night I was changing Lexi's diaper and she started hiccuping. I thought about how much she hiccups, and then I remembered how much she hiccuped when I was pregnant with her. At the beginning of my pregnancy I loved it, I thought it was so cute, but because it happened so much at the end of my pregnancy I was tired of it. It drove me nuts because I could feel every single movement. Watching her hiccup last night made me long for that feeling again. I think about being pregnant all the time, but I wonder if I could handle it. I haven't quite adjusted to be a mother yet, I can't imagine what life would be like with too. And I love Lexi so much, I don't want my bond with her to be less of a bond. I like the idea of her being my only child sometimes, but other times that makes me sad. I guess I am still undecided. While I want more children, I'm still not so sure about it.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend Rambles

So I've pretty much had a shitty weekend. I didn't go to work on Friday because of a toothache. Yes that's right a toothache. I couldn't sleep at all on Thursday because of the pain and I ended up with a migraine because of it. So I went to the dentist and I'm told that I have an abscessed tooth. I can have a root canal which will cost me a butt load or I can just have the tooth pulled. It's the last tooth on the bottom so screw it, I'm getting it pulled. I'm terrified though. I'm doing it with just local anaesthetic and not going to sleep. I've had teeth pulled before but I was asleep so I'm totally freaking out. That wont get done until tomorrow, so until then I've been suffering with this throbbing pain in my jaw and ear.

Lexi had a crappy weekend too. I decided to try not to swaddle her anymore and that didn't go over well. She woke up almost every hour for a while until finally going off to sleep at 1 am, and sleeping until 4. I gave up and swaddled her last night. I don't get it. It's not like I swaddle her arms anymore, I only wrap it around her body. It seems to be a security thing for her. There's no harm in wrapping her I guess, Its not restricting her in any way. On a good note, she finally rolled over from tummy to back yesterday. I was so excited I cheered and clapped and I had her do it again, and cheered and clapped again. She looked at me like I was an idiot, but I'm happy she's making progress into becoming more mobile. I'm sure once shes moving about I will wish that she wasn't.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

You can go back to childhood for one day...

What day and age will you choose?

This one has really made me think. I can't think of any one spectacular day as a child. Nothing jumps out as the best day of my life during those times or anything like that.
I think I would have to pick a day that I was being a total brat, and go back and not be.

Family portrait day. My mother, father and my sister. I was five or six years old and we were at a portrait studio. I don't remember exactly what happened but for some reason someone made me angry and I decided not to smile for the picture. In fact it was several pictures. One with us as a whole family and one of just my sister and I. Not once that entire day did I smile. I must have made my mother feel like shit. I must have embarrassed her. I know that she was able to look back on it and laugh about it, but I will still change this day, just so that my mothers feelings wouldn't be hurt.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day: Behind The Scenes

My husband enjoyes history and is often teaching me the origion of holidays and certian events in our culture. The following is curtesoy of the hubs.

In accent Rome a Pagan festival, called Februatioa of which the month February is named after, celebrated a she-wolf, the mythological foster mother of the Rome's founding twins Romulus and Remus. The religious ceremonies were directed by the Luperci, the "brothers of the wolf (lupus)" on February 15th.

The festival began with the sacrifice of two male goats and a dog. Next, two young Luperci were led to the altar, to be anointed on their foreheads with the sacrificial blood; the smearing of the forehead with blood probably refers to human sacrifice originally practiced at the festival. The sacrificial feast followed, after which the Luperci cut thongs from the skins of the victims, dressed themselves in the skins of the sacrificed goats, and ran round the walls of the old Palatine city, striking the people who crowded near with thongs. Girls and young women would line up on their route to receive lashes from these whips. This was supposed to ensure fertility, prevent sterility in women and ease the pains of childbirth. This tradition itself survives today (Christianized, and shifted to Spring) in certain ritual Easter Monday whippings.

This Festival survived until 494AD, when it was changed by Pope Gelasius into the feast of the Purification of the Virgin (then on February 14, now on February 2). And in 496AD the Pope declared February 14 th the feast of St. Valentine.

The first recorded association of Valentine's Day with romantic love is in Parlement of Foules by Geoffrey Chaucer in 1382 (also referring to the term lovebirds) :

For this was on saint Valentines Day
When every bird comyth there to chose his mate.

This poem was written to honor the first anniversary of the engagement of King Richard II of England to Anne of Bohemia. A treaty providing for a marriage was signed on May 2, 1381. On the liturgical calendar, May 2 is the saints' day for Valentine of Genoa however; readers incorrectly assumed the poet was referring to February 14 as Valentine's Day.

The earliest known to exist valentine dates from 1415 and is a poem written by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife. It is probable that the various legends about St. Valentine were also invented during this period. Among these legends:

  • On the evening before Valentine was to be martyred for being a Christian, he passed a love note to his jailer's daughter that read, "From your Valentine."
  • During a ban on marriages of Roman soldiers by the Emperor Claudius II, St. Valentine secretly helped arrange marriages.

Valentines were brought to America in the 19th century by British settlers and in 1847 Esther Howland introduced the first mass-produced valentines of embossed paper lace. In the second half of the 20th century, the practice of exchanging cards was extended to all manners of gifts typically including roses and chocolates.

In 1969, as part of a larger effort to pare down the number of saint days of purely legendary origin, the Church removed St. Valentine's Day as an official holiday from its calendar. February 14 is now dedicated only to Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius.
In the 1980s, the diamond industry began to promote Valentine's Day as an occasion for giving jewelry and, since 2001; the Greeting Card Association has been giving an annual "Esther Howland Award for a Greeting Card Visionary."

Monday, February 12, 2007

Routine Review

A phrase that is often repeated in Dr. Sears' book is, "If you resent your parenting style, then change it."
I haven't been happy with the way some things are going, so I"vie set out to make some modifications. I picked up Secrets of the Baby Whisperer. I got it yesterday and I've read up to chapter four. Seems as though my baby falls into the Touchy and Spirited categories. Who didn't know that one. Now like I've said, I've only made it to chapter four, but so far everything I've read is plain common sense. I find myself thinking, yep, uh huh, gotcha. Tracy Hogg stresses giving your baby a structured routine. Starting with eating, activity and then sleep. Being the type of person that I am routine has always been very important to me. I must say although I am a fan of attachment parenting, and I do follow most of its theories, I've always had this routine with the baby. Like Tracy states in her book, it's important to be flexible and still have a routine.
She goes on to tell you how to decipher each cry your baby makes. Well that in itself wasn't much help for me either. Because of our routine and the fact that I already know my baby, I already understand her cries, and or grunts. I know when she overtired and I know when she is hungry.
Much of this book talks about early infancy, so maybe I should have picked it up right away, but I haven't yet learned anything that I wouldn't have learned on my own anyway. Parenting is challenging. Yep. It takes time to get to know your baby.
I was quite irritated with her in this book throughout much of what I've read so far. She keeps making references to attachment parenting that makes me want to hit her. I guess she thinks AP is all about zero structure, and zero routine. Far from it, in my opinion. One reference she made was that if you follow an AP kind of life style then your household is chaos. I've gotta say bullshit to that, when she says hogwash to meeting the needs of your child. Then in the next sentence she goes on to say each baby is different and do what works for your. I guess I may be a little biased. I know she advocates a middle of the road approach but it seems a little like she's all over the place.
All in all I think I've always followed some for of both methods, Attachment Parenting and the Baby Whisperer methods. I picked up the book because I need help with nap time. I have no problem getting her to go to sleep at night after her bath, but nap time is a challenge. Maybe my opinions will change after I get though that chapter, but at least I'm giving it a shot.

Oh, and on an unrelated note to this book, she SLEPT THOUGH THE NIGHT!! Last night, she slept from 9:30 to 5:30 wooo friggin hooo!!!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Happy Four Months

Four Months ago today, my sweet little peanut was born.

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Growing and growing...

5 Weeks

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8 Weeks

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Three Months

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Four Months!!

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Getting caught up in daydreams...

...and I don't mean the kind where I am laying on a beach at some warm tropical location sipping a pina colada.

I think that I have some sort of warped sense of view on life, and that I view everything in a negative light, although I'm working on fixing that. My daydreams have been rather nightmareish and I get caught up and carried away by my thoughts.

When I begin to daydream, I am most often at work. I'm working and all of a sudden its like the world just stands still around me for a moment and I dream. My most often reoccurring daydream is that my mother-in-law is at home taking care of the baby. She's walking with her around the kitchen and falls to the floor and dies of a heart attack. Steve and I are at work and the baby is on the floor screaming, because she's been dropped and there is no one there to help her. She cries all morning because she's all alone. Steve and I get home and find his mother on the floor and the baby crying so hard she's not breathing. I pick her up and hold her, and she resents me for leaving her. We call 911, they come, we attend the funeral and life goes on.

All of this runs though my head in a matter of ten seconds maybe. Or at least I think that's how long it takes. When its over I stop and dwell on it. Could that have really happened? Is it a sign that it's going to happen? When its over I have this genuine fear washed over my body. I've got goosebumps and my eyes are watery and my heart is racing.

My mother always said I had an active imagination as a child, and while I've had daydreams before, I've never had daydreams that scare the living shit out of me like these do.

I also often have daydreams that Lexi had died in her crib of SIDS. I picture me finding her and going crazy. Now I know this is just my fears getting to me. I know that I do have an active imagination and I just need to talk myself out of it when I start having these thoughts. I need to convince myself that, that wont happen and that everything is fine.

Needless to say this has all got me more than concerned. I've done some research on daydreams, and I understand that it is normal. Positive daydreaming is healthy.

Daydream Themes
What you daydream about is indicative of what you may be
really feeling and reveal your unconscious thinking.
Disaster: When
you envision the worst-case scenario about a situation, you are experiencing a
disaster daydream. Such daydreams reflect your worries and fears. Next time you
start daydreaming about something terrible happening, imagine something positive
instead. Eventually you will train yourself not to
worry so much about whatever fears you keep imagining.

Look out for recurring themes: Daydreaming about the same thing repeatedly
is a good indication that you need to deal and confront the situation.

I just need to take a step back. I need to stop worrying so much. It's always been my personality to be an excessive worrier, but I'm getting carried away with this and it's really effecting my life. Trying to stay positive. Trying, trying.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Month Four

Dear Alexandra,

Well this week on February 9th you will be Four months old. Yep, four whole months. You've been around forever.

I have found myself so sad that you are four months old. Well next think you know you'll be off to kindergarten the, high school and college, and you'll be having babies of your own. Ok so I'm getting a little carried away, but what else is new.

Some things have happened since I've last written to you. You have begun to laugh. It's amazing. Not just ha, like you were doing before, but hahahehe. It's so cute and the most precious sound I've ever heard, I almost cried when you first did it, in fact I am almost crying now thinking about it.

This weekend I packed away more of your cloths that don't fit, and I had to buy you new socks. Seems as though you have inherited my feet and they're pretty big. I've got you in size 6-12 month socks, because the 0-6 are too tight for you fat little feet. Still the cutest feet in the world, but fat.

You are not sleeping though the night yet, but you are very close. Last night you didn't even need to get into our bed to cuddle and this made me a little sad. Four months old and you're a big girl who can sleep in her crib all by herself.

You're doing much better with your baths. Last night I caught you smiling at me while I was washing your hair. I knew you'd come around, just took lots of time is all.

You're also doing slightly better in the car now. We have gone some where a couple times now without me having to ride in the back seat next to you. I bought you a mirror to look at, and when I turn around you can even see me.

I have started giving you cereal, and so far you're not impressed. You haven't learned how to use the spoon quite well yet, and are not swallowing what I put in your mouth.

I wonder if I'll feel sad always as you age. There are so many things to look forward too when you grow, yet so many things to miss. I will miss your tiny little self. But your chunky little self its adore able also. I will not miss your nightly screaming fits, but I will miss our quite together time in the middle of the night.