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Monday, June 18, 2007

Thoughts of a busy mom

Is what I should change my title too... yet what mom isn't busy.

Well what's been going on with me you ask?
One project, hubby is working on the bathroom. He took a week off from work and gutted it and we're starting fresh. We have a very very small bathroom. It couldn't get any smaller. We fit a stall shower (a little larger than the standard stall) a pedestal sink, and a toilet. Yep that's it. Yet it has taken an entire flippin week, and it's still not done. Seems as though there was issue after issue. We do have a toilet and a shower. He still needs to put a wall up and finish the tilling and then we can paint. It's been tourture on me. I can not stand to have stuff out of place in my house, and not only was my bathroom torn apart, but my kitchen became the make shift work shop, with pieces of pipes on the counter, drills, hammers, pliers, argh! And the dust could not get any worse. This whole week I've felt like my life has been in total chaos, and I've been feeling so bad for my poor dear hubby. This has been so much work, and stuff continues to go wrong. This leaks, or the hole drilled is to small, or there isn't enough room. Blah!

I'm in process of finding a new job. Yes it is finally time to cut ties with this place. Oh it's rather bittersweet to move one. There are a few good points to being here, like daily lunch with Lexi and Steve, and the flexibility that I get. But it is time to move on. I really wasn't cut out for this type of work, and it is not enough to keep my mind occupied. Just another boring number after another. Please keep your fingers crossed that my interview goes well tomorrow!

Finally, the mysterious tooth, I do believe has appeared! The tooth has broken through the skin, we just are waiting for it to sprout up over the gum line. My baby is growing. She was 8 months old last week, just a few short months and she'll be a whole year old. It makes me so sad, I will miss her baby stages, (well most of them!)

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Mighty Mouse said...

Good luck with your interview. Let my mommy know how it goes. And I am working on my first tooth too, mama can feel it with her finger, but it is still invisible. Say "Hi" to Lexi from me.