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Friday, June 29, 2007

If I had a fork

I'd stick it in my eye...

I'm so so so bored. Things will even out soon.
I had a job interview last week and I desperately want that job!! It sounds like something I would be totally interested in and is a great company to work for. They're wrapping up interviews by the second week of July. With so many candidates I've got to wonder what my chances are but I am trying to stay positive. The interview went really well in my eyes, and I thought the hiring manager seemed impressed with my skills.

I'm currently training a new employee to take over my position. She is doing fairly well and now I am stuck with no work to do. I give her the work, show her how to do it and she does it. Which makes my days here soooo long. I do not have a set day as to when I am leaving, just at some point in the near future once I find a new job.

I have had a few interviews. The selection is scarce. There are quite a few jobs in the line of work that I am already in; however, I can't fathom doing yet another accounting job. It was never the right fit for me, at the time I took this job because I needed the money. I got stuck here because of the flexibility.

Interviews are fun. Some of them anyway, some of them though, are from hell.
I met with a doctor this week, who was looking for an Executive Secretary. The job sounded rather nice, the pay was very nice, however, the guy gave me the creeps. First I had done some research on him and I didn't really like what I came up with. I'll just keep that to myself... and the doc shall not be named here in my blog.
Secondly I get there, and the guys appearance just does not look clean to me. He kept asking me why I was leaving my job, didn't believe me, my answer wasn't good enough. He kept saying something was fishy. He was really really rude. Then he asks me if I have kids and proper daycare. In the State of Maine it is illegal to ask any type of personal questions such as that. That can be considered discrimination. THEN he asks me if everything ok with my marriage!!
I said, now why would you ask me that. He replies "I just need to make sure nothing will interfer with your work."
At the end of the interview he offers me the job. He wants me to start right away and I can not. I haven't called him back yet. I wont take the job because he gives me the creeps, but I'm afraid I'll get desperate and take it for at least a short time.
Who knows, still keeping my fingers crossed for the job that I want!


Mighty Mouse said...

Good luck again! Keep us posted about your job search.

Baby Sandberg said...

That is super creepy Julie. I can't beleive he asked you those questions. Good luck with your job search.