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Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 Review

It's not quite the end of 2006 yet, but I will take a moment and look back on the year. January - We were in our third cycle of trying to conceive. February 3rd 2006, two pink lines! I took a pregnancy test and there were two pink lines. Looks like January was our month. March - I can't remember too much of March. I was newly pregnant and very very tired. April - We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. We went to Bar Harbour for the weekend. We were cold and bored. The entire town rolls up the streets during the "off season" and there was nothing to do. We ended up going home early. May - We went to Connecticut for Steve Aunt & Uncles wedding anniversary party. It was also my birthday. I got incredibly homesick and my sweet sweet husband drove me 6 hours home after the wedding party so I could sleep in my own bed. My sister called me on my cell phone and we finally talked, we hadn't talked in almost six months and she didn't even know I was pregnant. We're both very stubborn. June 1st, it's a girl. We had our first ultrasound that showed we were having a baby girl. I was convinced it was a boy, and I really wanted a boy. I went though a brief period of shock/disappointment, which quickly grew to excitement. We also bought our first motorcycle together and spent lots and lots of the summer enjoying rides. July - I failed my one hour glucose test and had to go back for the three hour test, which was pure torture. We finished Lexi's room, wallpaper was up, crib put together. August - We took our childbirth classes for HypnoBirthing. It was very exciting and also very relaxing. We selected our pediatrician. We took last vacation from work before having the baby. We had all the kids and spent time at the lake. We hired a temp to do my job, trained her, and fired her after realizing she was incompetent. My employers then proceed to shove the knife in a little deeper, passing me up on a job I wanted and was "promised" as soon as I got back from my leave. They hired someone else and I then had to train her to cover for me while I was on leave. September - Had another ultrasound to check on my placenta previa that was diagnosed at my 20 week ultrasound. Placenta is ok, but amniotic fluid level was slightly low. I go to L&D for for false labor contractions, I am dilated to 1cm. I go on modified bed rest and weekly ultrasounds to monitor the fluid and the baby's growth rate. My dad had his 3rd heart attack and is near death. He's already had heart surgery in the past and there is not much more they can do for him. October 8th is the most beautiful fall day in Maine I think I have ever seen. Steve and I left the house very early in a quest for pictures. I shot everything in site and actually won a local photo contest. This happens to be the day I am in labor. I woke up with back pain and through out the day while taking pictures I had sporadic contractions. That evening we went for our last motorcycle ride with me pregnant, and boy did that speed up the contractions. We ate supper and headed to Lowes to pick up a drill Steve wanted, and then to wal-mart for snacks for while I was in labor. We headed to the birthing center and Lexi was born at 4am on October 9th 2006. The rest of October I spent enjoying my daughter. November - My first Thanksgiving as a mom. I enjoyed myself quite a bit, even eating dinner with Lexi sitting on my lap, it was just as I pictured it. I returned to work the week of Thanksgiving. I've been having a very hard time with this adjustment. December - It's year end, and wow what a year it was. I do think this was one of the best years of my life. I enjoyed my pregnancy very much. I did complain a lot, and I was quite miserable toward the end, but I am so happy of the results it produced. Steve and I had a wonderful year as a couple. I've never felt so loved before. We didn't have any major bumps in the road and we're going into the New Year happy and healthy.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


I'm not sure why we make New Year's resolutions. I mean if you want to resolve to change something about yourself, or about your life, why procrastinate and wait until the New Year to do it. Why not just do it?

Ok, I get the New Year new page deal, but how many people actually keep their resolutions? I honestly can not think of a resolution I've ever kept. For a long time I'd resolve to quit smoking every year. Which I've finally done, but not because I resolved to do it in the new year. Every January 1, I would throw away my pack of cigarettes, and tell myself I didn't need to smoke. Hey, I'm weak and I don't have all that much will power, so I would start smoking within a week or too. The longest I lasted was 10 months. My mom died of lung cancer, that scared me, but apparently it only scared me for a little while. I don't know. Sometimes I just give up my resolution out of laziness, just don't want to do it anymore. Anyway I am off on a tangent...

Last year, and the year before that I resolved to be less negative. Well in some form or another. One year I said that I would try to be more tolerant of people, and last year I said that I would try to be more positive and not take things so personally. So I could say this year that I am going to do that again. I need to stop holding grudges. I try, and for the most part I am a very forgiving person. I let whomever it is back into my life, but the grudge is still there. I'm still remembering what he or she did to piss me off last time, and when they do it again, I'm even more pissed of. So yes, I could resolve to be a better person, blah blah blah... but I wont.

This year my resolution is to just be. No more trying to change this or that. I'm going to accept who I am. This doesn't mean I am giving myself a license to be a bitch. Just to be me.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

11 Weeks Old

Dear Alexandra,

You are 11 weeks old. Just shy of three whole months. Your personality is really beginning to bloom as you discover yourself and your surroundings. You've successfully mastered the art of eating your hand. Since you've found your hand you are unable to keep it out of your mouth, you even refuse the binky in preference to your hand. This bothers your father because he fears you will be a thumb sucker for life. For me, I see it this way. It makes you happy, and there is not much that makes you happy right now so we'll work on breaking the habit when it becomes an issue.

Yesterday I packed away all of your newborn cloths, and even some of your 0-3 month outfits. It was quite sad, especially when I opened the box and saw your preemie outfits. I can't believe you were ever that small. You've grown so much, your arms and legs are so long that the 0-3 month outfits don't fit well, so you have to wear the 3-6 month sleepers. You can't wear the 3-6 month pants outfits yet because you are not fat enough to hold up the pants. Still cute as a button none the less.

Your first Christmas went pretty well, better than I had expected at least. Seems as though you are not a fan of people though. Can't imagine why...We bring you out in public a lot, so you get a lot of socialization, but I guess its just our family you do not care for. You smiled and cooed for Pepere, you hated Aunt Judy, and didn't like PJ either. Aunt Barbara was allowed to hold you but thats it, not for much longer.

You have developed quite a list of likes and dislikes. Ok mostly dislikes. You no longer like your boppy pillow, which you loved so much before. You are still too fascinated with watching television, and lately you enjoy laying on the floor and looking at muma. I talk to you, and press my lips together and blow, I stick my tounge out at you, and you just squeal with delight. We've had a good couple of days, I do hope your humor continues.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas Baby


I've enjoyed my
first Christmas, can't you tell?

Friday, December 22, 2006

Not Exactly in the Christmas Spirit

I am actually not looking forward to Christmas. I'm still too deep in this cloud, the fog that I have been living in for the past few months. I'm more worried about the amout of work it will create than the enjoyment of it all. I will enjoy watching the kids open their presents, which by the way we are doing tonight. They've gotta go back to their mom's on Sunday and we want them to have pleanty of time to play with all of their toys. I'm not looking foward to hosting Christmas eve with a fussy baby though. I pray that she can at least be some what tolerant of the weekends activities. The house is going to be much much busier than she is used to. I feel so sad when I can't participate because I am busy keeping her happy. I can't wait for this stage to pass.